In this blog , I’m gonna tell you about PhotoMath and how to earn money from PhotoMath platform by solving and reviewing math problems . So let’s begin :

What is PhotoMath ?

PhotoMath is basically a free app that students use to learn mathematics . It is an award winning app that makes maths easy to understand and master maths concepts.

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In this app, students upload picture of the question and get step-by-step solution of that problem . In simple words , PhotoMath is a smart calculator that use different technologies to provide best possible answers of math problems .

It also make use of graphs to visualize math problems. Students can not only explore graph details such as the root, the domain, etc. but also use graphs to interpret solutions of equations and system of equations.

How much money can you earn from PhotoMath ?

There is no limits on the earning . The earnings depend upon your contribution to the platform .

For every question , price varies from $0.65 to $3 depending on the complexity of the problem . PhotoMath also gives bonuses for visual content .

PhotoMath pays on weekly basis through Payoneer . Therefore, you also have to create account on Payoneer in order to receive payments.

Initially it might take some time to get familiar with the platform but once you got familiar , you can easily solve tasks in less time. Below is the image of one of my payment from PhotoMath in one week . This is the screen shot of $790 in one week .

photomath earning proof

Why it is paying to solve problems if it’s own calculator can solve problems ?

This is the question in the mind of many tutors, so I want to give an explanatory answer for this question .

There are many problems in the math textbooks which contains question in the form of paragraphs or some context. For example :

John is 4 years younger than his sister Camelia . If the age of Camelia is 9 years . What is the age of John ?

The PhotoMath calculator is sometimes unable to form the equation by reading the context of the problem . Therefore, the calculator is unable to solve these types of problems and hence, PhotoMath requires experts that can solve these problems step-by-step and PhotoMath pay their experts for that.

What is the requirements to become a PhotoMath expert ?

As we know, PhotoMath is hiring experts to solve math problems and therefore, the first requirement is knowledge of mathematics subject.

For earning from this platform, the knowledge of basic concepts of mathematics such as elementary math , algebra , geometry , calculus and statistics is required . You do not have to know about all the fields, if you are confident in any one of the above field, it’s OK then .

The next requirement is fluent English . If you are good in writing English and have basic knowledge of English language, you’re good to go. These are the only two requirements to become a PhotoMath expert .

How to apply for a PhotoMath Expert?

Till Now , you have got an idea about PhotoMath and the requirements to become an Expert . The next step is applying for PhotoMath expert .

Visit their expert portal for applying:

earn money online solving math problems

Click on Sign Up / Get Started :

earn money online photomath

Use you Gmail-ID / Facebook account for signup and then fill basic information to get started .

How PhotoMath test your knowledge of Math and English ?

After applying for PhotoMath , you first have to choose subject in which you want to solve problems. After that , you have to give Online tests of English and the chosen subject on their Platform.

After passing the online tests , you will get an assignment to solve . You have to solve that assignment on paper and submit on their mail-ID .

After submitting assignment, you have to wait for 1-2 days for their response . If you have passed in the assignment , you will move on to the next stage . If not, you will have to submit another assignment again.

The next stage is Training in which you have to learn about the platform that you will use while solving problems on the platform . In the training , you will learn about their policies , correct methods to solve problems , correct methods to review problems , LATEX and GeoGebra software .

You will use LATEX while writing mathematical expressions and GeoGebra software to create visual contents like graphs , number line etc. You have to give numerous tests while training and passing in all those test leads you to final stage.

In final stage, you will have to solve 10 problems on their platform using concepts learnt in Training . After submitting the problems you have to wait for their response. It takes 1-2 days to get their response .

Since, the applying process is quite long , they will pay $20 if you cleared all the stages of applying and finally become a PhotoMath expert .

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  1. Thank you sir fir sharing such a wonderful post.. I want to know from you which book should I follow for practice to be an expert at photomath. Plz reply

    1. I don’t think there is any particular book that you must follow to become an expert. Just choose a field (algebra, calculus , statistics etc.) and learn basic as well as advance concepts of those field. In my case, high school knowledge is enough.

  2. Hey naman,GA
    Do you have any idea about the present situation of photomath.means still the questions flow is good?

    Pls lemme know


  3. Sir,i passed the first round.But for the second round in which we get 5 questions and we have to score 60%,can we upload handwritten solutions as there are diagrams to be drawn.I typed some solutions online and got 49%. How will be the stage 3 and stage 4? Please just guide.I am confused.I am having problems typing the solutions.If there is option of uploading handwritten solutions,then there is no problem.

        1. Stage 3 is all about learning Photomath rules and software(LATEX and Geogebra) for writing solutions on the portal.

          Stage 4 is actual test where you have to write the answers in the format that you learn in stage 3.

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