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In this blog, I am sharing some of the best online platforms from which you can earn money online by solving maths problems. The websites that I’m gonna discuss in the article are all trusted websites. I’m not gonna tell any fake websites that could waste our time. Please read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any important information. So let’s start:

Are you a college student or freelancer? Do you want extra money? Are you searching for a way to earn money online? Do you want to use your mathematics skills to earn money online? If you have any one of the above questions in your mind, then you are on the right article.

If you are searching for an online way in which you can earn lots of money without doing anything, then this article is not for you. To earn money online, you have to do lots of hard work. The same is the case when you are using your mathematical skills. You have to provide high-quality answers to the student to earn money from these websites.


The websites mentioned below hire part-time online tutors or online maths experts that can solve the doubts of their students online and they pay the tutors for that. The amount these websites pay to solve each question varies from website to website. The amount varies from $0.4 – $4.5 depending upon the website and the complexity of the question.

PhotoStudy (Got it)

Another great platform for solving maths problems is PhotoStudy or Got It. It is a live interaction platform where you have to solve the doubt of the student on the chat. You have 10-15 minutes to solve the student’s doubt on the chat.

In this platform, you have to also engage with students to understand their doubts properly. You have to solve their doubt step-by-step on the chat. To use this platform, you need a laptop and a good internet connection.


This platform is also a work-from-home platform and you can solve doubts whenever you want from your home. The assignment of doubts to the tutor is through a bidding system. Normally, you will get $0.5 – $1.5 to solve each math problem.

The PhotoStudy platform pays experts through PayPal every 15 days. You will get timely payments. Therefore, you can earn a good amount of money from this platform if you give a good amount of time to this platform.

The PhotoStudy platform is a strict platform. If you don’t submit good and correct answers, they will ban you from their platform.



To become a PhotoStudy expert, you have to pass their online tests and training.


If you have some prior experience in teaching or tutoring, then YUP is another great online platform to earn money. In this platform also, you will have a live interaction with the student and you have to solve the student queries related to the doubt.


To become a YUP tutor, you will need a desktop to run their portal. You can work whenever you want, there is no fixed schedule. YUP also provides learning resources to their qualified tutors.

This platform focuses more on the learning of the student and less on doubt solving. While solving problems on the YUP, you have to write a detailed step-by-step solution to the problem. YUP also provides daily feedback to their tutors so they can perform well on the platform.

YUP pay money through PayPal or direct bank transfer to the tutors. The payment transfer happens monthly.


To become a qualified YUP tutor, you have to complete their application process which includes a written application, a math proficiency exam, and a teaching exam (similar to doubt solving).


PhotoMath portal is a content creation portal where you have to write answers to math problems. Basically, you have to create quality content for the PhotoMath in form of answers to textbook questions.


To become a PhotoMath contributor, you need a laptop with at least 4GB of ram and a good internet connection. There are two jobs on the PhotoMath portal, one is of solver and the other is of the reviewer. Experienced solvers automatically get promoted to the reviewer.

The payout amount is different for solving problems and reviews. Generally, PhotoMath pays $0.8-$2 for solving a problem and $0.4-$1 for reviewing a solution. PhotoMath portal pays in weekly cycles (if the amount is greater than $50) to its contributor through Payoneer. They also give a $20 bonus to become a PhotoMath contributor and another $20 bonus when you solve your first 100 problems on that portal.


To become a PhotoMath contributor, you have to pass their English and subject tests and assignments. You also have to take the training of their portal before start solving actual problems.

For a detailed overview of PhotoMath platform, visit:



Chegg is another big platform where you can earn money by solving math problems. On the Chegg platform also, there is no limit on earning. The more amount of time you spent on the platform, the more money you will earn.


The timings are flexible on this platform also, you can work whenever you want. On the Chegg platform also, you have to write solutions for textbooks. The payout of each question varies from $1-$5 depending on the complexity of the problem.

As the timings are flexible you have to choose the timings at which the question flow is maximum so that your earnings are high. Many Chegg tutors earn over $2000 per month. Chegg transfers the payment to the expert on the 15th of every month.


To become a qualified expert on the Chegg platform, you have to pass their subject tests. As there is a limit of experts in a particular subject, you might face the problem of “No opportunities, please try later”.


Studypool is a large online tutoring platform with thousands of tutors. There are many fields other than mathematics on the Studypool. You can choose any field in which you are comfortable. This is a good platform that gives you opportunity to earn money online by solving maths problems.


On the Studypool platform, the students post their doubts, projects, homework, etc. After the student posts their doubts, the tutors who can solve the posted doubt bid on the doubt. The tutor who wins the bid has to solve the doubt of the student within the given time frame.

The price of the doubt or homework varies based on the complexity of the doubt or homework. As the tutors solve more and more doubts, their rating on the platform increases. A good rating on the platform means a good reputation.

The normal price of the doubt is $8-$25 USD and the Studypool cuts a 20% commission on the earnings of a tutor. Studypool claims that you can earn up to $7,500 USD monthly working from home tutoring students.


The sign-up process of Studypool is a little weird, you have to write some essays so that they can check your English vocabulary. If you write grammatically correct and plagiarism free essay, the chances of becoming a Studypool tutor is high.


Study.com is another platform that hires maths experts to solve maths problems on their platform. You have to provide a step-by-step solution to the problems to earn a good amount of money.


You have to work from home on their platform. You can work at any time you want, your schedule is completely flexible. On the study.com platform, you can choose which question you want to solve. To become an expert on study.com, you have to apply for a math expert position.

Math experts help walk Study.com users through the solutions to questions in the areas of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. 

Payment on study.com is also very reliable. You will get timely payments. Therefore, you can earn a good amount of money from this platform if you put in lots of hard work.


While applying on study.com, you have to solve some easy maths problems. You can also apply with your Indeed Profile.


Preply is another great tutoring platform. On this platform, students post offers according to their needs. Tutors on the Preply have to create their profile. Now, students can choose whichever Tutor they need based on the Tutor reviews and profile.


Tutors have to register on Preply. Registration of Tutors on Preply is totally free. Tutors have to set their hourly teaching rates on the Preply. On every successful session, Preply take some commission charges varying from 18% to 33%.

The money you earn through the sessions with students is kept in your Preply wallet. You can withdraw that money anytime you want through Paypal, Payoneer, or Skrill. Preply claims that most popular tutors on Preply earn up to $550 weekly.


To become a Preply tutor, you have to apply on their portal. After your profile gets accepted, you can easily earn money from this platform.


These are some of the best platforms where you can earn money by using your mathematics skills. If you have any doubt or query regarding any of the above methods or if you need any sort of help, feel free to comment below.

So, as you can see there are a lot of websites on the internet where you can make money using your mathematical skills. There are other ways as well on the internet from which you can earn a good amount of money. For some such ways, you can read this blog:

Please Note: Do not try to make money very fast without providing the platform the great content because if the platform finds out that you are not doing your work properly, they might suspend you or ban you permanently.

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