As the internet is growing larger and larger, more people started to looking for the ways to earn money online to boost their financial inflows, with secondary income streams. Earning online is easier than going outside and searching for part-time jobs.

From the above data, currently there are 4.66 Billion internet users and every 6 people out of 10 have access to internet. The average time spent on the internet by every user is approximately 1/4th of a day. So by this you can imagine, how active the internet market is.

There are many ways available on the internet for this purpose. You have to choose the way that best fits your expertise. There is nothing to worry if you do not have any such specific expertise, you can learn things easily on internet and then apply them to earn extra cash.

Some of the ways that you find on internet might be fake, so please be aware while choosing any specific way. Do not expect a very high income in very less time. You can earn huge amount of money from internet, but you have to put a lot of efforts for that and things take time to get ready for that.

In this blog, I’m gonna tell you 15 proven ways of earning money online. Some of them required specific expertise while many of them can be done by anyone without prior expertise. So, let’s begin :

1. Earn money online by Tutoring

In this method, you teach school or college students or solve their doubts to earn cash. This method requires some prior knowledge in school subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry etc. If you have forgotten your school concepts, you can first brush them up using tutorials on YouTube and then apply for these jobs. There are two types of method in this way:

Online live tutoring:

In this way, you have to teach students online with live interactions. You have to teach them concepts and simultaneously solve their doubts. By doing so, you can earn $15-$80 per hour depending on your reputation on platform. You can increase your reputation on such platform by providing them quality content. There are many platforms that allows you to register as online tutor such as Wyzant , Chegg Tutors ,, Preply etc.

Solving doubts :

In this method, there is no direct interaction with student, student post doubts and you post solutions of those doubts. By doing so, you can easily earn $8-$10 per hour. The earnings in bit higher in first method. Some of the platforms use live doubt solving by chat for this way. Some platform that offer this job is Chegg , StudyPool , Photstudy ,Photomath , Toppr (Only in India) etc.

I have also written detailed information about some of the platforms :

2. Become a Freelancer

This is also a zero investment method. If you have some specific skill set like good programming skills, or design skills or marketing skills or writing skills or any other skill that has demand on internet, then you can find a lot of paid opportunities online.

To start earning with this method, you first have to make a portfolio or resume of your skills and then open your account on some freelancing websites such as upwork, fiverr , freelancer etc.

You might take a lot of time initially to find your first client. But if you are persistent with your efforts, this method might help you in becoming a successful freelancer. I know some of the top freelancers that charge over $100 to write a paragraph of just 1000 words.

3. Earn money online by YouTube

As you already know, YouTube is the largest video-streaming platform in the world and it is totally free for everyone. There is a huge potential in this way. Uploading videos on YouTube is also very easy.

Choose this way only if you want to publish your own content like your own videos or your own tutorials etc. This method do not work if you try to upload the content of others. For this method, you might need some small investment from your side such as video editing software, mic etc.

Many people are earning lots of money from their YouTube channels. This method also initially takes some time to set up and you have to be consistent . Uploading quality videos in regular intervals might help you to get successful in this field. There is no earning limit from this platform if you become a successful You Tuber.

4. Sell Your Photos

Do you think you have an interest in photography ? To earn money from this method, you need to be good to capture some great pictures. You can sell your pictures on platforms like shutterstock , gettyImages etc.

Please choose this way if and only if you are really passionate about photography. You can also choose your niche such as wildlife photography , nature photograph , visuals etc.

You can generate a great passive income online by using this method. Of course, you need some investment from your side like good camera, editing software etc. But there is good potential in this field that definitely help you earn money.

5. Build your own online course

This field is a broad field. You can create course on anything you like, for example : educational course, fitness course, marketing course, programming course etc. You can also even write an e-book of your course and sell that.

But the main point in this method is quality content. No one want to watch your course or read your PDF if it doesn’t contain some great unique content.

From the earning point of view, you can upload your course on various websites like udemy , teachable etc. . You can even sell your e-book on amazon . Therefore, creating and selling online quality course makes it possible for anyone to earn profit using their knowledge and experience.

6. Create your own blog

Do you think you have an area of expertise ? Share your thoughts on your own blog. If making dishes is your expertise, think about what you can offer on food blog, maybe different recipes ? Can you share your amazing recipes with others ? The more specific you get, it i’ll be easier to attract more engaged audience and to earn some passive income .

There are various platforms which make it super easy to create your blog within 10 minutes. One of them is Blogger, totally free platform by google. There are lot of paid platforms as well such as wordpress , wix etc. that offer many additional advantages to publish a great blog . If you are a beginner, just start with Blogger and when your blog starts generating traffic , move on to paid platforms. Please don’t expect income just after launching the blog. The blogs take time to reach audience. Be focused and consistent.

7. Earn Money from Stock Market (Trading)

This is a risky way of earning, but if you watch some courses on stock market and trading and apply those fundamentals in trading then you must be able to earn good money from this way.

To start earning money from stock market, you need both patience and investment . Do not invest unknowingly. Before investing in any stocks, do a thorough research on that stock and then invest.

Do not try to make quick money because that way mostly lead to failure. Invest your money intelligently in stock market and make good profits there.

8. Invest in Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

This method is somewhat similar to stock market, but here instead of investing in stocks , people invest in cryptocurrencies.

The earnings in cryptocurrencies is higher than in stock market but at the same time, the cryptocurrencies are too riskier as compared to stocks. For example see the growth of one such cryptocurrency (bitcoin):

Source :

From the above bar graph, the growth of bitcoin from 2012 is very very high. It started from $0.003 in 2009. Currently in Dec 2020, the value of 1 bitcoin is nearly $17,000. No stocks can achieve this much of growth in a span of 10-12 years.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky investment but returns are also high.

9. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the person promotes the products of different companies and earn a commission on every sale of the product of those companies . It is extremely doable as you do not have to create and sell a product, you just have to promote a product.

The main thing to do is to link the buyers and sellers and take your commission when the customer purchase the product.

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to be patient initially because there is a lot of competition in this field . Promote products through various platforms like social media, websites , blogs, videos, etc. and earn money from affiliate marketing.

10. Earn money through Programming/Coding

Are you good in writing a code in programming languages such as C , C++ , python , Java ? Make your knowledge a way of earning through programming .

Knowing how to wrote a concise and bug-free code is really a valuable skill . There is a lot of demand of this skill in current market . You can create websites, blogs, apps , themes using your programming skills. After that, you can scale-up them or sell them to earn good amount of money.

You can also try freelancing because there is a great demand of good coders among freelancers. You can even earn money by teaching coding to others.

11. Earn money by Online Gaming

Are you a game lover ? Live stream your gaming and increase your fan base . You can use platforms like YouTube , Twitch to start live streaming your game.

You can earn money through ads running on your gaming videos as well as through donations made by your supporters. You might need some investment to buy gaming laptop, mics etc. to start live streaming . There is a huge growth of gaming channels on YouTube in recent years.

You must need some patience in this method also because it might takes 6-8 months to reach your content to your desired audience.

12. Open an online store to earn money

Do you think you have some great products to sell ? Online e-commerce store are being widely popular . You can sell your products to any person in any part of the world . Thanks to internet and transportation.

Creating online store is also super easy because there are many sites like shopify which helps you to create website for your online store.

To promote your store, you can use Google-Ad sense so that people would know about your store.

13. Earn money through paid surveys

There are many companies around the world recruiting new members from around the world to fill out their surveys for money. They take these surveys to know your opinion on different topics or products.

Careful ! Many survey sites are fake and they never pay out . Do not waste your time for filling surveys in those site. First know about the site on Google, Is it legit or not and then decide whether to fill the survey or not.

Some of the real sites for this purpose are swagbucks , toluna , lifepoints etc.

14. Social Media Influencer

Do you have some acting talent or are you able to shot some comedy videos ? You can try short video platforms like Tik-Tok , Instagram reels , Facebook etc. to grow your fan base.

Once you have a good fanbase, you can then use it as an affiliate marketing mode to promote products and earn commission.

Nowadays, many popular social media influencers earn more than $40,000 dollars a month by promoting different products. Many companies also pay to post their ad on account of social media influencer.

15. Earn money by Product Testing

Some brands are paying hundreds of dollars to people for testing their products before launching in the market. This process is also called Pilot testing.

You just have to signup on their websites and apply for the running offers . They will then allow to test their product if you qualify their conditions. Each product has different conditions.

Some of the real sites that pay money for product testing are usertesting,com , Influenster , bzzagent etc.

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Please Note : There is no way to become rich overnight. In each way mentioned above, you have to do a lot of hard work with smart work to get successful.

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