FlexClip Review and Discount

Hi Guys, In this blog, I am gonna talk about FlexClip Video Editor – a great online video editing software. If you want to edit your videos for Instagram posts, YouTube videos, promotional videos, or TikTok videos, then FlexClip might be a great choice.

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In this article, I am gonna talk about various features and benefits of using FlexClip. The table of contents is as follows:

  1. What is FlexClip Video Editor?
  2. Video Editing on FlexClip
  3. Pricing of FlexClip
  4. FlexClip 50% discount coupon
  5. FlexClip final review and conclusion
FlexClip review and discount

Read the article till the end to know better about the FlexClip video editor and its applications.

What is FlexClip Video Editor?

FlexClip is an easy online video making developed by the company PearlMountain. Its user-friendly, easy-to-use, and straightforward tools make professional video production capability accessible to everyone. This tool is used and loved by millions of people around the globe to create videos for business and life with ease.

FlexClip review and discount

You can use FlexClip Video Editor to create and edit amazing and stunning videos for your personal as well as professional use. There are thousands of templates on FlexClip that you can use to edit your videos easily.

The best part of using FlexClip is – It is completely online. You do not have to store your videos on your own. Just take care of the FlexClip username and password. You can create videos online, edit videos online and store videos online on the same platform.

Video Editing on FlexClip

FlexClip’s online platform is very easy to use. You can easily create and edit the videos on your own. There are 1000+ templates to choose from. There are more than 2M animated elements. 12+ video editing tools are there to create professional videos.

Some of the features that FlexClip offers are:

  1. Thousands of templates
    • Promo Video
    • Marketing Video
    • Intro Video
    • Outro Video
    • Anniversary Video
    • Trailer Video
    • Slideshow Video
  2. Amazing Features
    • Trim Video
    • Add Music
    • Add Text
    • Record Voiceover
    • Video Merger
    • Text Animation
    • Video Speed
  3. Free Screen Recorder
  4. Free Video Compressor
  5. Cloud Space on paid plans
  6. Custom Watermarks on paid plans
  7. 1080p Full-HD downloads
  8. Video length up to 30 minutes
  9. Thousands of stock videos
FlexClip review

FlexClip video editor is very easy-to-use. The platform is very user-friendly and you can easily edit your videos on your own without the need of any experts. Trim Video feature easily allows you to cut parts, add parts or modify parts of your video. With one click you can easily add background music of your choice to your videos. If you want to add text anywhere and at any time in the video, you can easily do that using Add Text feature.

In the middle of the video, you can add your own voice if you like for your audience. You can watermark the video for your brand so no other person can publish your material. You can also choose a variety of resolutions depending on the needs of your video. If you want to make an attraction video from the photos album, you can easily do that using FlexClip.


A lot of filters are available in FlexClip to make your video more engaging and perfect. You can adjust your video speed as per your own needs. Feature of applying animation effects is also there on FlexClip. There is a stock of photos and videos on FlexClip to create more beautiful videos. Anyone can easily customize their video themes on FlexClip because there are a lot of different themes option available.

Pricing of FlexCip

FlexClip has four different packages to offer:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Business

If you are a newbie or you are unsure about paid software, you can start with the free version of FlexClip. The Free version of FlexClip offers a maximum of 12 projects, 1 stock video for each project, 480p SD downloads, and video length of up to 1 min.

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If you have a low budget but you want to enjoy all the features of FlexClip, then start with the Basic package. The basic package of FlexClip offers much more than the Free package. The normal price of the basic package is $9.99/month.

FlexClip Review

If you use your videos for commercial purposes such as Youtube videos, Instagram reels, or Promotional Videos, the best package for you is the Plus package of FlexClip. It offers a lot more than the basic package of FlexClip. This is the most popular package of FlexClip. The normal price of the Plus package is $19.99/month.

FlexClip Video Editor Pricing

Finally, If you are looking for an online video editor for your firm/company/business purposes, then the Business plan is the best choice. A business plan offers very good service, 100 GB cloud storage, and many more things. The normal price of the Plus package is $29.99/month.

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FlexClip final review and conclusion

As we have already gone through all the features and pricing of the FlexClip video editor, we now have to summarize all the advantages and disadvantages of using the FlexClip video editor.


  1. Easy to use and very simple UI
  2. No prerequisite needed
  3. All different types of templates available on the platform itself
  4. A lot of editing features including trim, crop, music etc.
  5. Completely online , no need to install anything
  6. Free plan available
  7. Cloud Storage available
  8. Online video sharing available
  9. Extra add-ons on paid plans
  10. Best for promotional videos and intro videos


  1. Maximum video length limit of 30 minutes
  2. Not compatible for movie-editing or vlogs

Finally, I would recommend FlexClip video editor for personal as well as Business solutions. You can create great content on the FlexClip video editor.

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