Do you want to turn off the password setting for your Windows operating system? Do you want faster and easier access to your computer by removing password? Do you want your laptop is easily accessible by your friends and family members? If any of the above questions is your query, then you are on the right page. To remove password in windows 10, read this article.

Before removing the password of your PC, please be aware that the security of all your files and personal data stored on the PC is gone. If you have any important data or personal files on your computer, please save them to some other place as a backup before removing your password. In this blog, I’m gonna show you a step-by-step guide to remove the password for Windows 10. You can also set the password using the same steps.

remove password windows 10

After the password of your PC is removed, the PC will become less secure and anyone can access the data stored in the PC. If you have already kept all these things in mind and you are sure that you want to remove your PC password, follow the below listed step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Click on the Start menu of Windows 10, as shown in the black oval in the below image:

remove password windows

Step 2

Type the word “netplwiz” in the start menu:

remove windows 10 password

Step 3

Click on the top result named “netplwiz” to open it. The icon that you have to open is highlighted below, click on that:

steps to remove windows password

Step 4

After clicking on the “netplwiz“, you will get a pop-up named “User Accounts” as shown below:

delete password

Step 5

In the “User Accounts” pop-up, untick the box that states “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. The box is highlighted below, untick the box:

add password

Step 6

After unchecking the box that says “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”, click on the button “Apply“. The button “Apply” is highlighted below

delete windows password

Step 7

After clicking on the “Apply” button, you will get a new pop-up named “Automatically sign in” as shown below. If you get that pop-up, your method till now is correct, please move on to the next step. If you do not get the below screen, please re-visit the previous steps.

remove windows password

Step 8

Leave the fields “Password” and “Confirm Password” empty on the pop-up “Automatically sign in“. Directly click on the “OK” button as highlighted:

sign in

Congrats, your task for removing the password for your computer is complete.

Please note that after removing your password, the security of your computer is gone. Anyone who has access to your PC will be able to use your system to access your documents and personal data, which could create a security threat.

If you want to set the password again to your computer, you can do that by using this method only. Again open “netplwiz“, tick the box named “users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” and hit “Apply“. After that, don’t leave the password section blank if you want to set a password. Enter the password that you want to set in that field and click OK.

If you face any problem while trying this method, feel free to mention your issue in the comment box. I will reply to those queries as soon as possible.

If this method helps you, then also comment in the comment box.

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